The secret confidant, the best friend, the accomplice of every woman is definitely the bag that reflects it and defines the style.

The leather handbag is the queen of accessories, a companion, a cover, as important as clothing, certainly an extremely serious item to be felt in front of the mirror as if it were a dress, to be "felt" on it, to be fully lived.

The bag is alongside the woman forever, the modern version of the trunk, a kind of second home where she can store the items she may need during the day. It's the accessory that contains the other accessories, from the wallet to the key ring.

AMICI PER LA PELLE are aware of the importance that a leather bag has for every woman, she knows it is an extension, an appendix, almost an alter ego, and that's why we attach all this passion to this accessory And its professionalism.



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BANGKOK leather bag in gold-plated calf leather lined with lambskin
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