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The devotion and the great love for Italian craftsmanship in making a leather coat studied in the smallest detail is essential for us.

On this page you can find leather jackets from classic models to vintage leather jackets, up to down jackets for those who do not want to give up style even in winter. You will find the most popular and preferred leather clothing from people of all ages, from a career person who wants to diversify his outfit and make his image more sporty to the kids who want the trendy leather jacket patterns, Timeless leather jacket template or biker leather jacket.

Our bases blend on the quality of true MADE IN ITALY and the ideas of our designers constantly develop high-tech and high-end garments such as our soft, warm, unique soft suits, with an innovative innovation Lining, the pressed Valtherm, a thermal material that will protect you from the cold, sheltering you from the weather and that does not change the  molding. In fact it is ideal for winter seasons and for those who love simplicity or sportswear but just to be worn on occasions where elegance is a must.

In the collection of our genuine leather jackets you will find garments made with the finest materials, expertly sewn by our tailor made in Italy.

AMICI PER LA PELLE point to the quality and professionalism of our artisans aiming for the right prices to give birth to a real leather jacket or a real leather down jacket directly from the manufacturer to the end customer eliminating all the unnecessary costs that you have in a Habitual shop.

Buy the latest collections online from the manufacturer with free shipping in Italy!



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Chiodo da uomo in pelle su...

€490.00 Price

Il modello storico per eccellenza è ora possibile averlo su misura per te. Da noi il vero artigianato Italiano su misura è a portata di mano!

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