Custom made leather products

It happens often that after buying a jacket,  trousers or skirt one is disappointed with their fit, almost as if they did not belong to us.

It also happens that we almost never find the right size and then we are forced to make changes because of the sleeves are too long, the skirt rims  are too long, the shoulders are falling or missing that detail that would make our perfect purchase.

In addition to correcting these imperfections, our laboratory also works to create LEATHER CREATIONS.

We produce  tailor-made   JACKETS, BOMBERS, CLOTHES, BIKE JACKETS, TROUSERS, GILETS, GIRLS Accessories so that you can finally wear an exclusive creation that gives you practicality and elegance.

How is the whole work accomplished? The answer is very simple.                       

 In our lab you can choose the kind of leather and color, lining and accessories you wanr that best fit your requirements, take the measurements and together we make the perfect garment for you.

Creating your own custom-made leather jacket give it to those who are  born in this craft, who will passionately advise you on choosing your tailor made dress from our collection of spring and summer leather jackets or a photo of a magazine of Fashion with the latest trends, or a garment you will wear, we will recreate it identically or with the changes you suggest, such as replacing your zip with buttons, adding an inner or outer pocket or adding more details.

We also created a collection of leather duvets with breathable valtherm padding, a special wadding used as a thermal insulator especially for snow season. It is a very soft and light material that with a sophisticated process  reduced the thickness without lowering the degree of protection from the pungent cold and does not alter the wearing of leather garments while maintaining the style of the real leather jacket.                                 

If you need an plus sized leather jacket , you can easily choose from our custom-made, fashionable leather clothing collection where you'll discover the original quality and softness of the best tanned leather skins by choosing the best Quality ratio and price.

In the ideology of every craftsman, quality  is  always in the top spot, we choose the best leather in Italy and unique accessories in the genre, such as the YKK hinges, where we masterfully and skillfully create your unmistakable jacket.

Discover all the benefits of buying directly from leather clothing manufacturers, we will respond as soon as possible to your needs and find the solution that best suits you through the online store or coming directly to the artisan workshop in Rome.

Free your creative energy!

Custom made leather products

Custom made leather products

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Guanti in vera pelle...

€69.50 Price

Un accessorio raffinato e morbido per completare il tuo look. Guanti artigianali in vera pelle fatti a mano, scegli quello più adatto a te!

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Svuotatasche in pelle

€49.90 Price

Tasche piene di monetine a causa dei resti della giornata? Risolvi il problema acquistando online gli svuotatasche in pelle di Amici per la Pelle!

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Pochette SMART
  • -€21.00

Pochette SMART

€175.00 Regular price €196.00 Price

L'eleganza e la praticità incontrano uno stile unico. Scegli i colori disponibili della pelle e della fodera per una pochette unica!

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Porta agenda

€249.00 Price

Ordina subito il tuo porta agenda in vera pelle. Scegli i colori disponibili per l'abbinamento perfetto.

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Portatabacco ROYAL

€39.90 Price

Portatabacco in vera pelle di vitello, la soluzione elegante per i fumatori di tabacco sfuso. Elegante, pratico, leggero e robusto. Personalizzabile nei colori e nei pellami.

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Custodia per...

€59.00 Price

Realizzata in vera pelle di agnello, morbida e confortevole al tatto, ideale per proteggere smartphone o occhiali. Prodotto personalizzabile in dimensioni e colori.

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€289.00 Price

L'unicità di una vera borsa in pelle artigianale unica nel suo genere. Vieni a scoprire i dettagli della borsa in pelle con pelliccia NOIRE!

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Dispenser di sacchetti...

€15.90 Price

Il nuovo dispenser in vera pelle chic e pratico per portare con te i sacchetti igienici del tuo animale domestico.

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Sottomano e Tappetino mouse...
  • -€36.00

Sottomano e Tappetino mouse...

€179.00 Regular price €215.00 Price
Il set per eccellenza per una postazione pc di prestigio. Arreda la scrivania con accessori in pelle di primissima qualità.
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