AMICI PER LA PELLE   is daughter company of Creazioni Liliana  that begins in 1986 with leather clothing packaging for the major brands in Made in Italy.

This high-quality series production continues to date with increased experience, with the constant modernization of cutting-edge technology and machinery. With our professionalism, passion and experience, combined with your business ideas and needs, every item, every accessory will be handled in the smallest detail, from packaging to cut to folder, our staff is able to cure and follow every step Of workmanship to achieve an impeccable result thanks to the continuous comparison with the customer transforming his idea into reality.

 Also with   the collaboration with the most important typographies, we are able to serigrafy your brand or your idea of ​​the accessories you would like to commission us. Also embroidering on leather garments or leather or leather accessories is for us an important issue and we are able to accomplish it in the best possible ways.

Producing a leather bag, producing a leather accessory, for us is not just creating simple objects but real projects that represents values ​​and tell your story. AMICI PER LA PELLE  is a sure reference of the true MADE IN ITALY on Rome and Lazio for the production in large and small quantities of leather clothing, leather and fabric bags, accessories in technical materials such as eco leather, neoprene or cotton spessopelle And gadgets that big companies want to offer to their customers.

We also evaluate requests from companies such as restaurants for the production of waiters or tablet-holders for receiving orders, with banking and financial groups that want to provide their agents with some work tools such as leather bags or eco leather handbags or document cases In leather, pen holder,  or technical fabric such as saffron. Contact us for a consultation or quote and we will propose you the ideal solution for any business and design needs.



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