If you are looking for craftsmen in Rome who can repair leather clothing, you've come to the right place. The password is recycled. We all have a head to whom we are particularly fond of reminding us of important people or because it is linked to unforgettable moments and it is impossible for us to throw it away with it as a part of us or our roots. For example, we think of our grandmother's old fur, but it suffers the passage of time and is no longer fashionable or that it would be a great VINTAGE piece but it is of two bigger sizes. Good! It is not the case to throw it or give it and lose this precious memory, the best way to give it life is to make changes with a meticulous model reminder so that it becomes custom made for you or transform it by getting hats, bags, vests or anything else. The same applies to leather jackets, skirts, or trousers. Returning to the repair of leather garments we consider one of the most requested repairs: THE RIPS. Every time this happens, it is thought that now it is ruined forever and there is so much anger at the thought of throwing it. It is no longer the case because any type of tear can be repaired or glued and working beneath it so that it is invisible or applying patches or in more severe cases by replacing the torn piece with a completely new one. For us the repair of leather garments has no mysteries. Another very demanding repair is that of ZIP; In most cases it is enough to change the cursor or the tie rod, in other cases it is necessary to replace it in full. Another example of repair can be the real change of whole pieces of the head such as the neck, sleeves, belt, pockets (concealed or visually), create new, internal or external with the possibility of spacing between colors and materials depending on our availability of leather and fabrics. So a serious and simple piece can be transformed into a sportsman and personalize it according to your tastes. Do bridles or reins for your horse are bad? Are leggings or skirts scratched or need a new zip? For the practice of riding, it is known that the comfort of clothing is very important. Do boxing and boxing gloves broke? For any problem on leather accessories of any sporting practice we are ready to give you a new enamel so that you can train yourself to the best. In addition to these repairs, our workshop also deals with, and above all, tailoring work such as zippers, button changing, and slotting. For any kind of information or request for a quote please contact us at Accessories are very important for the success of our day-to-day outfits whether it's chic and elegant or sporty and casual, matching with your handbag, belt or the right hat will enhance and enhance our appearance. It would be very difficult to give up playing every day with these accessories that complement us and make us always feel comfortable. That's why we AMICI PER LA PELLE have been specialized for years in repairing leather bags and brand accessories or without, to give your accessory a second life so you never have to be separated. One of the most sought-after changes on handbags and one that deals with handle damage, one of the most endangered parts of the accessory. The handles can be detached, tear-off or wear into the center of the handle. For each of these problems we have a solution from the size, from the change of the handles to the simple reinforcement. Other typical problems with the bags include the ZIP that can cling or break, torn lids, internal pockets, loose buttons or corner wear. Also for this type of problem we are here to advise you the best. Other accessories such as purses, gloves, backpacks, mobile phone or smartphone cases, belts, suitcases, dog breasts or collars and leashes generally have scratches or tears and even in these cases you can intervene by repairing them or giving them a new color . Shoes are the most important accessory for a person, we all know the importance of a pair of shoes that kneads like a second skin, in fact, depending on their comfort most of our overall well-being. Beyond this, some of us have a real craze for this accessory so much that many fill their wardrobe. Although there are different types, models and colors, with or without heels, we can not really get away from our favorite shoes and when they show the signs of time, it is necessary to run the repairs to continue to use them for a long time. Many leather repairs or modifications can also be made on leather footwear. For example, BOOTS can be shortened, enlarged or narrowed. It should be remembered that ZIP can also be repaired or changed as well as the heels. We also offer you the opportunity to customize your favorite shoes with a tinted change but also make changes such as adding studs on the toe or heel or adding chic details to stylish footwear. So entrust yourself with the real experts in repairing leather footwear. COME TO US. Did the cat make nails on the armchair? Does the dog have pissed the living room chair? Or just the leather sofa shows the signs of time worn by the armrests or torn the pillows? If you are riding a horse and your horse's saddle is ruining, if you want to re-cover your car's steering wheel, if the slip of your scooter or motorcycle ripped off making it difficult to use it on rainy days, our upholstery service Is in a position to offer you an accurate and professional service with original seams as if they were just leaving the factory. We also operate and restore seats, sofas, armchairs for business activities such as pubs, bars, restaurants, theaters, and cinemas. For all this, contact us directly at the lab or by email at

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