Cleaning and dyeing

Leather clothing, more than that in fabric, needs effective cleaning operations that need to be done with professionalism and highly specific products. Cleaning starts with hygienic treatment, which eliminates the bacteria or molds that are formed by wearing it, and keeping it long closed, perhaps in a damp environment, with professional detergents that are able to eliminate most of the Stains and finally with the natural drying service that gives your garment the original splendor. In extreme cases, such as color loss, in addition to cleaning it is recommended the original dye or a total color change. The same applies to the clothing of our four-legged friend, for example the cleaning of leggings, collars and leashes. It is undoubtedly the most popular accessory from a woman, all of them more than one, small, large, rigid or soft, with shoulder strap or hand, decorated with fringes or studs, large or vintage. Surely precious and very used so much that alas, sometimes it would be a drastic cleaning intervention to give this true object of desire a renewed beauty. Your bag will also be subjected to treatments such as degreasing, cleaning, hygiene, and therefore dyeing. Your handbag with us AMICI PER LA PELLE will return the blush and the lost color that will make it look like new. The same treatments can be applied to other everyday items but as wallets, backpacks, suitcases, folders, smartphones and tablets, gloves or belts. The shoes would need a more constant care than any other accessories as they accompany us in every environment and in any climate. For example, we think of our favorite shoes after a walk in the rain or even worse after treading a muddy puddle or when we find them dirty with oil, wax or some sauce for a distraction or a small incident. But we also think of shoes of important ceremonies such as marriage, shoes that are being dusty at the bottom of the wardrobe. With our commitment and passion, we take care of your leather or fabric shoes and bring them back to you thanks to the most modern specific treatments. After a careful evaluation of the status of the footwear you bring or will bring to our laboratory, we will choose the most suitable treatment to bring them back to the original splendor.

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