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1.Does the cleaning of the bag also include the inner lining? Is it able to take away the bad smell?

-The purse is completely cleaned inside and outside by removing any odor and disinfecting it from any molds and bacteria.                                                                                                                                                                                              


2.After the colouring and  cleaning  a garment, is the skin more rigid?

- In general there is a substantial difference on every type of leather and how it was used. It also varies from how it was already pre-treated before coming to us. However, we can point out that especially the color change or pigmentation can give the bark a slight stiffness for the first uses, regardless of whether the products used are of the highest quality. However, we can make sure that with the use of the cap or accessory, this will return to its natural softness.


 3.Do you have original spare parts for a Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton bag?

-Unfortunately, the original spare parts for these types of  handbags  are only available to those who produce these brands. Our laboratory is always supplied by the same vendors who can not legally produce or distribute spare parts bearing specific brand labels. This does not exclude the possibility (if it is a zip) to repair your item if it is not particularly damaged.                                                       


 4. Does cleaning  the bags also includes the one on the fabric?


-Our company does not only work with leather, but also fabrics and fur, so our laboratory is also specialized in treating any kind of fabric. The leather purse is done externally and internally.                 

5.Can you guarantee that  my jacket will come back again?

- Our team of experts before making any kind of change  informs  the client about the work to be done. Once the work is clarified, everything that has been found and evaluated together with you is confirmed as it is withdrawn. Our meticulous work  meets the customer in 99% of cases. But it is also worth pointing out that every customer considers the result in a subjective manner, and it is important to know that the garment will  not  be return as soon as he lavws the store and wear it  for the first time.                                                        


6. I would like to know if you can dye any leather in any color and how does it react ?


-A cap or bag that is mandatory in leather, can be dyed with any color,if the coulor is  homogeneous , without any nuances. If the leather needs its original color because it has lost pigmentation over time, there is no problem with the final dyeing result; It should be pointed out that if the dye was used with the aim of eliminating any oil stains or heavy stains, we recommend a color with a darker shade than the original so as to cover the defect forever. In addition, dyeing could cover the stains, even various stitching because there is a need to make the color uniform. In general, there are no particular problems with the leather reaction.                                                        

 7.I can not leave my garment for a long time, how long does it take the work to be done?


-Our time is around 10/15 work days from the time we receive the bag. This is because we refuse to take urgent treatments to avoid any negative result. So if the item is indispensable in a given period we recommend leaving it to us later so to work without any hassle and ensure the best result.                                


8. I do not know whether to clean or dye my bag, could you give me an advice?

- Our site is at your disposal and, if you are unsure about what to do, you can send us a series of photos that shows the problem at this address info@amiciperlapelleshop.net indicating also your perplexities. We will point to what is currently the best thing to do with any budget. When the bag will arrive in our lab  will then be evaluated personally and if you will notice other issues we will contact you for a further work.           


9.My bag has a little "twisted" and scruffy corners, can you do something?


-Our laboratory  mainly work is repairing, so we will find the best way to done  it.  We know what interventions can be made, for example, to bring the corners back, or better to cover them with more similar (or contrasting) leather or simply retouch them. However, as soon as the bag is in our hands we will be able to advise you best and give you a hint , then it will be up to you to decide whether to continue or not. The important thing is to know that everything can be repaired! 


10.The cotton parts of my jacket (cuffs, neck, underneath) have holes, loose and lost color, what can I do?


-The cotton spring can simply be changed trying to find the most similar color possible to the original. This is one of those cases where the jacket returns again.   


11.What period of the year are you closed?

- Generally we are closed from August 6 to August 29, so we accept orders until July 15th to ensure delivery until August 6th. Orders can also be made after July 15, but with the knowledge that your garment or accessory will be returned to you in September.                                               


12. When you receive my bag and you realize that you can not do anything, do I have to pay ?

- We may say that we rarely can not find a solution to the problem. If we advise you not to do it, it  is because the cost for the repair would be extremely excessive compared to the actual value of the object, so it is a question of sincerity. However, if the job is not done, the only cost to be  paid would be just the one of the shipping that is always at your expense.                                               


13.How does the shipment works?


-The shipment day (work day ) to your order will be our SDA courier at the address you have reported and at the time you indicated to pick up your package.                                              

14.Can you send my bag to another address?


- At the time of  the payment you will tell us the delivery location  that you will choose.                                                           


15. how long  does it take do be done a measured garment?

Generally the expected time ranges from 15 to 20 work  days once the customer gives us the ok to get started. (Only in this case our company requires a down payment before starting the job.          


16.My fur has a number of holes and scars, can you fix it?


- These types of problems should be seen in our lab because it could  even be more damaged, that is  not visible to a human'eye . Generally it can be repaired if the situation is not very serious, otherwise based on the budget you will be deciding what to do. If we realized that the fur, even if it was repaired, would have the same problems in the future, because the leather and the hair were worn, we would be the first to ignore the work.                                                          


17.I have made  dirty my Hogan shoes with oil stains, can it be  taken  it off?

-The oil stains are unfortunately the most difficult to be cleaned along with those of grease and ink. We are always sincere,  saying that by carefully scrubbing a 30% of the stain may remain. So you can try cleaning it and see the results  or you can directly dye your shoes with its original color of a darker tone and then  the problem will be fixed.                       


18.I have a leather jacket larger than 2 sizes, what can you do?

-Take you  as a model and make it your own size. The main things we need are to see you  worn it  so we can figure out what to do and take measures: shoulders, sides, sleeves. Being 2 sizes bigger, it is essential to take action on all three points, then we should carry on the shoulders, shortening the sleeves at the same time, resume the entire jugular up to the wrist, narrowing it as much as we need and reducing the sides of the jacket. We may of course need the presence of the person to evaluate the work together or you could send us an item that is fine along with the item that needs  to be modified so the measurements will be taken from the sample.

19.Can you repair a huge tear on the front of the jacket?


-Of course! As always, we need to look at the jacket to understand what changes are need  to be made, so more photos are essential to understand the size of the gap and where on  the jacket is located. The best solution to a major tear is to change the piece in the most similar color possible to the jacket leather, so the job will be optimal. If the tear is smaller you can consider many other much cheaper solutions.                         

20.I have a jacket that I love so much and I would like another identical in another tone, can you make  it?


-Definitely! What we need is your original jacket, so we  can copy the pattern and take the measurements, at the same time we need to  tell us  what kind of leather do  you want and  which tone you have chosen from our sample. We will send you a quotation as soon as we receive your jacket.

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