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Sale & DYE

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  1. Vel vel sapone shampoo detergente per camoscio daino nubuk Famaco

    Vel vel soap shampoo cleanser Famaco 100 ml

    To remove stains from suede leather handbags and shoes such as nubuk and suede bouquet
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  2. Rinnovatore ricolorante pelli scamosciate daino nubuk camoscio Famaco

    Renovator suede skins (downy nubuk suede) Famaco 250 ml

    A product for renewing and recoloring suede skin such as deer, nubuck and suede
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  3. vernice tinta tintura pelle borsa accessorio divano giubbotto sedia ritocco aerografo

    Custom tinted paint 100 ml

    Leather sofas or armchairs, leather handbags or overalls on leather jackets and jewelery that require a color retouch and you need a special shade, we recreate exactly as you wish.
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  4. Crema latte detergente neutra per pellame Famaco 100 ml

    Neutral Cleansing Milk Cream Cream 100 ml

    Famaco neutral detergent milk cream is the ideal product for cleaning and nourishing smooth, painted or printed leather.
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    Regular Price: €8.00

    Special Price €6.00

    Risparmio: 25%

  5. Deodorante e rinfrescante per calzature Famaco vaporizzatore da 100 ml

    Deodorant and refreshiner footwear 100 ml Famaco vaporizer

    If your shoes emanate a bad smell, it is time to purchase this Famaco product to deodorize and refresh
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Items 1 to 5 of 50 total

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If you have the hobby of creating or repairing leather garments, accessories or leather clothing, AMICI PER LA PELLE is a handcrafted workshop and shop which sells online too and where you will find a wide choice of DIY materials.

We start with the sale of the leather, selected in the best cuts and completely tanned , obtained from the skin of the animals and following a process of working called tanning  which is made unalterable and not subject to putrefaction. Our leather is of high quality and is a material with outstanding features that make it robust and durable in time, ideal for example for the manufacture of belts, accessories such as holsters or armor. It is marketed in large pieces about 2 square meters thick, 2 mm to 5 mm thick, rigid or soft.

Certain differences in processing in the tanning process, however, always result from the skin of animals (generally killed for food purposes) to the production of so-called skin that has softness and flexibility that is clearly superior to leather. We can safely say that leather and skin are the two sides of the same coin.                                                      

Leather is surely the first material that man used to protect himself from the weather and with whom he subsequently packed clothes, beginning to denote an aesthetic taste developed to this day with the creation of clothing or chair lining , Sofas, armchairs, book covers to the interior of cars.

Our company is in close contact with the main tanneries since its inception and the online sale of leather and leather cutlery is very extensive as we retire direct from them large quantities of leather, having a great purchase price that  also reflects on the sale price. Our store has leather and lambskin, full calfskin, suede plus some special skins such as python, crocodile, ostrich, australian frog etc. Everything is offered in various sizes, colors and fantasies.

We also have an online sale of fabrics for inner lining, lightweight or quilted, wrist meshes as well as high quality ECOPELLE.

The leather we offer is strictly selected by our artisans and is suitable for the production of clothing, handbags, belts and other accessory for the covers of books , armchairs or sofas, seats or interiors in genuine leather of cars.     

Does your leather jacket  have become discolored or aged?

Here you will find the appropriate treatment to renew and soften the color of the leather jacket or bag.

The leather is always very timeless, constantly re-created in various processes, from skin to product, work to be loved and lived endlessly but unfortunately it is a subject  that loses its color or shine for which it is sometimes necessary Make small touches with the paints for specific skins. So if your sofa, armchair or car seat lost the original enamel and brilliance, we have at your disposal a wide range of furnishing leather and clothing garments in a spray format that is easy to apply to get a surprising results. Creams and cleansers are also available to clean, polish and nourish the skin of your Fenice shoes, handbags and jacket.

With the treatment we will be able to advise you, the best leather for a  jacket, furnishings, bags, footwear and seats of your car to  regain the original splendor. Our products are non-toxic and have natural waxes that soften and renew natural color, natural oils present deep in and thus nourish and preserve the beauty of the skin, avoiding the formation of annoying odors.                                     

Also available is a new waterproofing spray product for skin designed to preserve dirt and rain all types of leather by covering the fibers of the materials with a long-lasting protective layer, repelling the external agents, ensuring breathability and softness of the garment.

For the practice of your hobbies in creating or repairing leather garments or leather accessories, small home-made upholstery, gluing soles and rubber goggles, to repair wallets, belts, leather case files, or simply creating your own leather accessories Or leather  at AMICI PER LA PELLE  you will find great availability of hot and cold glues, which ensure a strong, precise and powerful adhesion, specific for leather and leather.


A text kept at the Bottom Museum reads as follows: "... it opens and closes the clothes, a small but important object because it concentrates the mystery of the threshold beyond the abyss of which there is an unknown disturbing desire.Any open button is a secret revealed , A degree of intimacy achieved, each closed button is a tough barrier, an insurmountable obstacle, so the button is a symbol of communication, and then we project it as if it were a small but fundamental monument. " This is an extremely important object that has crossed the history of man by evolving into the materials, declining to the thousand requirements of fashion, from bone to synthetic resins to metallic alloys. The buttons most used in the leather clothing package are the alloy ones we have a wide choice in the four main colors: nickel, brown, bronzed and gilded both in the American button and the button press.                                

Looking for a quality zipper?

Discover the online sale of the best YKK zip.

The need to speed up the opening or closing of the clothes, once closed exclusively by an infinite sequence of buttons and preserving the nails of the ladies, led to the patent in 1896 of a "separable security closure", that is, a double metal chain With hooks and eyelets closing by sliding a slider. This invention was subsequently refined, simplifying it to the definitive form we still know. It was baptized zip, an onomatopoeic word, and was first used for the closure of the American Army trousers and backpacks until it came to being used in the garment as a substitute or alternative to the buttons. YKK, a Japanese company, is still a world leader in the sector and it is the zip that AMICI PER LA PELLE employs to pack its garments and offers its customers a wide assortment of colors and lengths, in metal or plastic , Single or double slider cursor.

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